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Thumb Cinema
  • "Bat Thumb" (2001, 28 min.) - Super hero Wuce Bane and his sidekick Blue Jay must save Gaaathumb City from the evil, despicable, and poorly dressed "No Face."
  • "The Blair Thumb" (2001, 28 min.) - A clever tale about three thumbs who encounter terror during their search for the truth behind The Blair Thumb.
  • "Frankenthumb" (2002, 32 min.) - Gasp as a deceased Thumb is brought back to life in this outrageous spoof of the gothic horror classic.
  • "The Godthumb" (2002, 31 min.) - A gripping tale of true crime mixed with sensationalistic falsehoods and wrapped in vicious mobster stereotypes. Don't fuhgeddaboudit!
  • "Thumb Wars - The Phantom Cuticle" (1999, 29 min.) - Reluctant hero Loke Groundrunner and his tasty companion Princess Bunhead battle Black Helmet Man and the Evil Thumbpire!
  • "Thumbtanic" (1999, 27 min.) - They thought nothing on earth could come between them. Then, they hit an iceberg...
  • "All Thumbs -- The Complete Collection" (2001, 6 Discs, 175 min.)

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